For how long can you drink a bottle of soda that has been sitting around capped?

Answer if the seal is broken, then the CO2 gas will evade and you will have about 7 days to drink it

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Anyone ever drank a 2 liter bottle of Soda in one sitting?

I've never even drank a 12 oz. can of soda in one sitting dear... I'm a lightweight...

If I drink a lot of soda how long will it take for me to need to pee?

It takes around 2-3 hours, for me at least.

Why do grocery stores advertise a 2 liter bottle of soft drink but then a 16.9 ounce bottle of soft drink?

Dearest John, what have you been smoking?No grocery store advertises a 2 liter (67 ounces) and then sells you a 16.9 ounce bottle. It just doesn't happen.The plastic bottle are all standardized fo... Read More »

What is the pink soda called it's in a glass bottle, like a coco cola one bottle?

Do you mean Cream Soda? I have seen both clear and pink cream soda.