For healthy cooking which type of microwave ovens are good?

Answer Microwaves steam food provided you add liquid or the food contains liquid. I love my microwave for poaching fish and steaming vegetables. You can also poach chicken in it, but go a few seconds ove... Read More »

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Is microwave cooking healthy?

On One Hand: Nutritionally NormalAccording to Harvard Medical School, cooking foods in a microwave oven does not destroy the nutrients to a larger degree than regular cooking. Heat in general is wh... Read More »

How good are bosch microwave ovens?

On One Hand: General Consensus.In general, Bosch microwave ovens are considered good, reliable products that come at a reasonable value to consumers, according to Buyers usually get ye... Read More »

Which cooking oil is healthy?

On One Hand: A Variety of Oils Are Relatively HealthyAlthough all oils contain a significant amount of fat and calories, certain oils are healthier than others. The healthiest cooking oils are cano... Read More »

What is the traditional ovens of India in which wood was burned for cooking called in English?