For doctor and women operated...a important question!?

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Medical question- Women please dont read unless you are doctor or nurse - thanks?

You realise matey that by putting dont read unless your a doctor or nurse means that most mateys in here are gonna be reading ithowever matey that sound like it be a sweat rash yar try some sudocre... Read More »

Do you think doctor care during pregnancy is important?

Yes - I have lost 2 babies, and I threatened loss of my daughter many times.Right up till I was in labour - without drs care, my daughter would not be here either. She was an emergency section and ... Read More »

What Are the Important Tests You Need to Take to Become a Doctor?

Training and testing to become a doctor can take over a decade. First, a doctor must graduate from a four-year university and take classes such as math, biology and chemistry. Entrance into medical... Read More »


Well i just did it, and it seems WAY too easy, so i hope this isn't a scam. I had to add an add on to my computer, so i'm really unsure about this one. I'm really thinking it's a scam, so be careful!!