For doctor and women operated...a important question!?

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Medical question- Women please dont read unless you are doctor or nurse - thanks?

You realise matey that by putting dont read unless your a doctor or nurse means that most mateys in here are gonna be reading ithowever matey that sound like it be a sweat rash yar try some sudocre... Read More »

What Are the Important Tests You Need to Take to Become a Doctor?

Training and testing to become a doctor can take over a decade. First, a doctor must graduate from a four-year university and take classes such as math, biology and chemistry. Entrance into medical... Read More »

Do you think doctor care during pregnancy is important?

Yes - I have lost 2 babies, and I threatened loss of my daughter many times.Right up till I was in labour - without drs care, my daughter would not be here either. She was an emergency section and ... Read More »

How important to you is it that your Doctor or your Nurse understand you?

Important enough to affect my choice of doctors. My nurses and nursing assistants were all very kind and compassionate about what I was going through when I was in the hospital a few weeks ago. My ... Read More »