For anyone who knows 35 mm cameras!?

Answer Actually there is usually a chart on the inside of each box of film that will give you suggestions for exposures when using that film in a fully adjustable cameraIs your cameras light meter broken ... Read More »

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Does anyone knows if there is a printing and docking station for nikon coolpix compact cameras?

Has anyone or knows anyone that has had any problems when getting a job because of their myspace or facebook?

It is a HUGE issue. I receive numerous technology and security magazines at work, and I am reading constantly about the statistics on WHO did or DIDN'T get a job because of Facebook/Myspace foolish... Read More »

I need help from anyone with a JVC HD Camcorder or anyone who knows about MOI nad MOD files or converting them?

The files from the JVC HDD camcorders are already in mpeg2 format, but with .mod file extensions. You only need to copy over the .mod files to your computer and rename them to .mpg files. Then th... Read More »

Anyone knows D-Link?

Look on the back or bottom of the router case for a tiny hole that should be labeled "Reset". Using a paper clip, push and hold down for about 5 seconds, and you should see the all the router ligh... Read More »