For all sushi lovers...?

Answer Sushi chefs are supposed to be specially-trained to detect all sorts of parasites in fish. So if you've got a true professional, then this shouldn't happen.OTOH, sushi is so popular, that all sort... Read More »

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What are the more pricer sushi and sashimi pieces at a sushi buffet?

They are all include with the price of the buffet.

What is something that tastes like sushi that I can eat to satisfy a sushi craving?

Can i use a sushi party mix to make regular sushi?

The word "sushi" simply means "vinegar rice" (su - vinegar; shi - rice) and describes steamed, rapidly cooled rice that is mixed with vinegar, sugar and salt and garnished with toppings. Any type o... Read More »

How can i get my lovers to put it in the right hole?

You could just tell them its a birth defect and point out the actual hole you want them to put it in.