For a vegetarian, what is the equivlent to a juicy steak?

Answer Portabella mushrooms. I like mine with teriyaki sauce that I mix myself.

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How to Cook a Juicy Spiced Steak?

A steak is really tasty food to make in a frying pan! It's magic, when your lips touches the first time a marvelous steak well cooked by your own!

Big juicy steak, fried chicken, hot dogs & hamburgers...?

BBQ chicken, potatoe salad,baked beans,and home made black berry cobler.

Vegans and vegetarians ... if you were offered $900 billion to eat a juicy medium well cooked steak ...?

A ridiculous amount of money to do something that perfectly healthy normal people have been doing every day throughout the world for thousands of years?Of course I would and every other single othe... Read More »

Is becoming a vegetarian a big missed steak?