For a long time I thinked that only lady peoples have anginas, was I rong?

Answer Maybe u were thinking of vagina, not angina. Angina on the other hand is a MEDICAL CONDITION and you thought only ladies get this condition but the truth is that actually, Men over 40 are actually ... Read More »

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What's rong with my Ipod..?

Ive collapsed 3 times and im 13 what may be rong?

You need to see a doctor.Also, you just might need to have a snack before practice. You might need more iron in your body. But, you definatly need to see a doctor. If it takes a while to get an app... Read More »

Whats rong with me ! Worms :|?

Well if you have pets, that could be the source of the problem, I had them once when I was very little, and I think I contracted it from our cat, If you'd tell your parents or go to the doctor, the... Read More »

Do you think when your male contact that you normally love corrects your grammar during your lady time...?