For a 250$ bill how much tip would you leave?

Answer Well the average is .20% these days so that works out to be around $50 bucks. But also depends on service. Need to keep an eye on that tip meter. Good Luck

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How much a gas bill would be in one bedroom apartment?

i would know, if someone would freaking tell me. It all depends on what uses the gas, the heat water stove. etc....

How much would my phone bill come out to if i were to get an iphone on a family plan?

The iphone data plan is $30 for the new 3g phone and 200 texts would be $5 more. Add that to the price of the 550 minute family plan and that would be your bill before taxes. If you were going to... Read More »

Should you leave a tip when you pay the bill at a restaurant in Japan?

On One Hand: Against Japanese Custom.Traditionally, tipping is not appropriate in Japan. All fees and prices in restaurants are flat and include the service your are provided. In some situations, t... Read More »

If you hit a car and no one saw you would you leave a note?

Yes.The note would say "I just hit your car and anyone watching me now thinks I am leaving my contact info, but I'm not. Have a nice day".