For-Profit Medical Schools?

Answer Private, for-profit medical schools have opened in the United States only somewhat recently. Traditionally, medical students studied medicine at state-funded and nonprofit schools, such as the Univ... Read More »

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Job Description for a Medical Director of a Non-Profit?

A medical director of a nonprofit organization supervises staff members such as doctors and nurses. He works to ensure the organization runs efficiently and offers optimal care for its patients.

For-Profit Technical Schools?

For-profit technical schools are in business to make to money. They offer classes and degrees that meet the demands of the public. They have researchers that investigate upcoming careers along wit... Read More »

Foreign Medical Schools Vs. U.S. Medical Schools?

While many children want to be doctors when they grow up, only a few of them will actually undertake the years of courses and competition to get into, and complete, medical school. Many American st... Read More »

Caribbean Medical Schools Vs. U.S. Medical Schools?

Deciding to become a doctor and applying to medical school is a serious commitment. Not all medical schools are the same, which is why you should do your research when choosing a medical school tha... Read More »