For Muslim Women here @YA's?

Answer No, its not available in Yahoo Avatars yet.What they do is take a screenshot of their avatar and add the scarf with photoshop or some photo editing program.

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What is the Muslim head covering for women called?

According to al-Islaamic law (hadith), women who consider themselves Muslims are required to cover their heads during prayer and in public settings. Hadith #4092, entitled "How Much Beauty Can A Wo... Read More »

What do Muslim women wear on their faces?

According to some interpretations of al-Islamic law and customs, Muslimahs (Muslim women) are required to cover their faces with a niqab (fixed veil) when they pray or go into public. Though many ... Read More »

What percentage of muslim women wear the hijab?

According to a 2007 Pew Forum survey, 38 percent of American Muslim women wear the hijab at all times when out in public. Another 13 percent wear it most or some of the time.Source:Pew Forum: Musli... Read More »

What do Muslim women wear to cover their faces?

Some Muslim women cover their faces because they are commanded to do so according to their belief system. These Islamic women wear what is known as a niqab in order to fulfill this command that the... Read More »