For AbiWord users. Please help. Are there any other FREE Word Processors out there?

Answer The printing problem may be related to the print driver or how AbiWord is sending the print job.I've seen this when using postscript vs pcl drivers.Basically the printer ends up with data that isn'... Read More »

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Is there any other way to free up space on my hardrive besides disc clean up. That Does not help.?

Go to my computer, and then to add/remove programs & delete old games, programs, pictures or downloads you rarely use.

Are there other sites besides youtube too help me get my music out there? these sites allow you to share videos (in y... Read More »

Is there any other programs I can use other than Microsoft word?

TextEdit is another. But it's not as easy to set up and have a good format as Microsoft Word.

Hi, could anybody please tell me if there is any other company other than BT who can install a telephone line.?

It depands on your area. Are Telewest/NTL in your area?Since its a new house, the cost might be justified.Ask BT if you can spread the cost over a few months of phone bills as you can't afford it a... Read More »