Football, recovery time for pulled hamstring?

Answer I'm not an athlete or anything, but from what I know about NFL players who have hamstring pulls, they tend to linger for quite a bit of time and have a high recurrence rate. You probably did a dis... Read More »

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Pulled hamstring recovery?… has a bunch of information for you to follow that'll help you get back to 100% as quickly as possible.

Possible pulled hamstring?

Treatment of a pulled hamstring is dependent on the severity of the injury. Because of bleeding and swelling, athletes should stop their activity and rest immediately. An ice pack and compressive b... Read More »

Will you massage my hamstring since I pulled it?

Can celebrex treat a pulled hamstring?

On One Hand: Celebrex is one optionCelebrex can be used to treat a pulled hamstring. According to, adults can take 200 milligrams per day.On the Other: There are other steps in the tre... Read More »