Foot and ankle problem?

Answer It could be a lot of different things- maybe you are putting pressure on it and cutting off the blood flow. You don't really give enough details to know for sure.But maybe its enough if you don't s... Read More »

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I need help with my ankle foot what ever my ankle is like outward and leaning. Every time i wear sneakers my s?

134lbs and 5'0". This can cause it every time. Either this or you're the spawn of Yosemite Sam and are bow-legged as ****.

How do I know if I broken my ankle/foot?

Just fly over to the UK and you can have some x-rays for free on our NHS! :o)To be honest, the only way you're going to know for certain if its broken is if you have the x-rays. If you can walk on ... Read More »

My foot and ankle really hurt?

Your foot has simply "gone to sleep" because you were sitting on it. It should wear off very soon. Keep slowly moving it back and forth and round and round. If you can get your foot into some warm ... Read More »

Weird foot pressure below ankle?

Yes, it could not be getting enough support.