Foods with anti-fungal properties?

Answer The Anti-Fungal DietFirst outlined by Dr. William Crook in his book 'The Yeast Connection', the anti-fungal diet has been an integral part of treating intestinal yeast overgrowth ever since. The ai... Read More »

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What foods or herbs have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties for pain and swelling of joints and legs?

There are several alternative meds for pain and swelling. These are herbs and phytonutirents in foods. Herbs include tumeric and ginger. These have a tremendous anti inflammatory effect. Pineap... Read More »

Is boswellia an anti-fungal?

Boswellia is marketed by some companies as an anti-fungal. There is a study that says that Boswellia extracts have had some effect inhibiting fungi. Other sources list no anti-fungal uses.Source:ni... Read More »

Anti-fungal Nail Treatments?

When a fungus infects your fingernail or toenail, it can can affect one and spread to the others. The fungus begins with a small spot and spreads deep into the nail. A fungus infection is difficult... Read More »

Should I use anti-fungal cream without a checkup?

Actually, a "topical cream" will likely not help much. You have the signs of vaginal candidiasis (yeast infection), and the agent needs to be inserted INTO the vaginal canal. There are a few over-t... Read More »