Foods to make for my Japanese host family?

Answer You are in the best position to know the types of foods they eat and should be able to learn something they haven't had before.Think of the types of foods your mother might make that you like and k... Read More »

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I miss my Japanese host family?

I did the same thing this summer and I miss them so much!! I've been just emailing and skyping them a lot! This trip was my 3rd time in Japan, and every time I come back to America, I miss Japan so... Read More »

Exotic Japanese Foods?

Some of the foods that Japanese people eat in their home country are not quite what the American pallet knows as "Japanese." Seaweed and fish paste of varying species are thrown into such simple th... Read More »

How to Host a Business Meeting for Japanese People?

Hosting a business meeting for Japanese people is much the same as any other business meeting: refer to participants by their last (family) names (and if you are speaking in Japanese, follow the fa... Read More »

What are some good Japanese foods?

Hello Jon, Some of my favourite Japanese foods areOmuraisu (Rice in Omelette) - Omuraisu is a popular Japanese dish that can be called a fusion dish (yoshoku) as it combines a classic omelette with... Read More »