Foods to Eat That Stimulate Hair Growth?

Answer Hair growth is based on several things, including genetics, hormone balance, hair care and nutrition. Poor eating habits, alcoholism, zinc deficiency and malnutrition from diseases such as anorexia... Read More »

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Are there foods that can stimulate growth hormones?

Alinine and Glutamine and other amino acids supposedly stimulate Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secretion for about 20 minutes. Some (presumably Zone diet proponents) also say that glucagon stimulates ... Read More »

Oils That Stimulate Hair Growth?

Millions of people are looking for new ways to grow longer, healthier locks. Taking care of your hair and taking care of your body are surefire ways to promote hair growth. Oil and oil-based produc... Read More »

Products That Thicken Hair & Stimulate Hair Growth?

Many men and women suffer from baldness, loss of hair, or thin, limp hair. For those suffering from these problems, recent advances in chemical, medical and organic sciences have given birth to man... Read More »

Products That Stimulate Fast Hair Growth?

Hair grows at a rate of 1 inch a month. Having long hair means a lot less hair falls out than grows in. Decreasing the fall-out rate involves keeping the hair moisturized and limiting the amount of... Read More »