Foods that are semi-healthy and easy to make?

Answer To be and stay healthy:Breakfast: oatmeal & toast; cream of wheat & toast; dry cereal with milk;boiled egg or two; scrambled eggs;fried eggs; Fried egg sandwich,etc. sandwiches are fine too.Teenage... Read More »

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What are some foods that are relatively cheap but can be used to make a lot of healthy dishes?

You don't say which state you are in........if you are in CA, NV, AZ or TX there is a chain of 99 cent only stores, with a hot pink canopy..they have a website for locations....what ever you pick u... Read More »

How To Make Healthy Foods for Dogs At Home?

Homemade dog food offers a fresh and healthy alternative to store bought kibble. When you make your dog's food, you know the quality of ingredients that are going into their diet. When you buy the ... Read More »

What are some easy foods to make for vegatarians?

Hey, I know what you mean! I have lotsof things to eat now that I have gotten used to being a vegetarian. But at first I felt just like you.Sure there are replacements for meat. Just buy the veggie... Read More »

What is an easy healthy meal I can make?

I feel yeah I use to make horrible cooking too and I hate when my family makes horrible cooking because then I feel bad because I hardly eat any. The KEY is to read the instruction and make sure yo... Read More »