Foods that are mood enhancers?

Answer Eating Spicy foods can release endorphins in your body.Dark Chocolate can also release endorphins and seretonin.A good balanced diet can cause a happy digestive system which will cause an overall s... Read More »

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Any natural anti- depression alternatives , or mood enhancers ?

Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety / Panic Attacks / Stress / Depression(Bereavment) / Mood Swings (Totally safe, without any side effects or complications of any sort) :-ANXIETY / PANIC ATTACKS & ST... Read More »

Foods That Can Change Your Mood?

Food plays an important role in the way we feel mentally and physically. A poor diet of junk food and takeouts can wreak havoc on your skin, lead to weight gain and leave you feeling tired and slug... Read More »

Which foods from this list would u be in the mood to have for lunch today?

Forget about the Burger with Fries now I just want a salad, lol:)

Anyone can name 3 foods that are good with Cauliflower 3 Foods that are good with Rice?

Cauliflower & Broccoli, Cheese, CurryRice & Soy Sauce, Mixed Vegetables, CurryChetak