Foods That Make Hair Grow Long & Strong?

Answer Hair, like any part of the body, needs adequate nutrition to perform at its best. So much of today's standard diet consists of processed, fatty or sugary foods with no nutritional value. An easy wa... Read More »

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Foods That Make Hair Grow Faster?

Many people who are growing their hair concentrate on the external, by applying creams and straightening their hair. What you ingest also determines how your hair will grow, so it is important to p... Read More »

Foods That Make Hair Grow Straight?

Hair, much like the rest of body, responds to what you consume. There are certain vitamins and minerals the follicle needs that can't be provided by any pricey shampoos or conditioners--or at least... Read More »

Specific Foods That Make Your Hair Grow Longer?

Your hair is made of 91 percent sulfur-containing protein called keratin and 9 percent water. The hair bulb is made up of living, active cells and is fed by nutrients from the foods you eat. Your ... Read More »

How to Grow Long & Strong Hair?

Growing your hair long can seem like a daunting task. It can get hard to take care of long hair and keep it healthy, and sometimes you can unknowingly damage your hair, making it weaker and harder ... Read More »