Foods That Help With Iron Absorption?

Answer Iron is a dietary mineral essential to various bodily functions. Most importantly, iron assists in the transportation of oxygen in the blood. The immune system also relies on a sufficient amount of... Read More »

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How to Increase Iron Absorption?

Iron is an essential nutrient. Without iron, blood cells have difficulty transporting oxygen to your muscles and cells, and you may easily become fatigued. Follow the steps below to increase your b... Read More »

Having iron absorption issues not digesting food?

In Western medicine they call it low in iron, in Chinese medicine we believe in making all the necessary Iron, Calcium or let us say for the body to generate the required missing components. Take R... Read More »

Foods That Provide Iron?

The human body uses iron to make hemoglobin, a major part of red blood cells which carries the oxygen from each breath in to the many cells of the body for cellular respiration, and myoglobin, a mu... Read More »

Iron Supplement Foods?

Iron is an important component to the human diet in that it transports oxygen to cells, which stimulates cell growth. Two types of iron can be found in food. Heme iron is found in the meat of anima... Read More »