Foods That Heal and Clean the Liver?

Answer The liver performs the vital function of cleansing toxins from the body's blood. When high toxin levels cause the liver to overwork, the liver can slow down and become congested. Liver congestion ... Read More »

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Foods that are good for the liver?

Liver Diet :You will definitely see a big difference When you try this diet The liver diet is essentially a very bland diet to aid recovery and detoxification of the liver. The main points to reme... Read More »

Foods That Heal Tendons?

Tendons connect muscles to bones or muscles. You can injure tendons in a number of ways, including rupture, severing by a sharp object and inflammation. Because tendons are made up primarily of a p... Read More »

Possible to cure esophagus cancer that has spread to liver by receiving a liver transplant?

If you have esophageal cancer that has spread to the liver, you have a lot more to worry about than just the liver transplant. If you don't treat the main cancer, it will just pop up somewhere els... Read More »

How to Heal Liver from Alcoholism?

The abuse of alcohol may cause liver disease, or hepatitis, which is swelling and inflammation of the liver. Alcoholic liver disease usually develops in individuals who have been drinking heavily f... Read More »