Foods That Can Change Your Mood?

Answer Food plays an important role in the way we feel mentally and physically. A poor diet of junk food and takeouts can wreak havoc on your skin, lead to weight gain and leave you feeling tired and slug... Read More »

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Foods that are mood enhancers?

Eating Spicy foods can release endorphins in your body.Dark Chocolate can also release endorphins and seretonin.A good balanced diet can cause a happy digestive system which will cause an overall s... Read More »

Vitamins That Affect Your Mood?

Paying attention to the vitamins your body is taking in can do wonders for enhancing or altering mood. Vitamins like folate, 5-HTP and B12 have been proven to improve mood and prevent mood swings, ... Read More »

Which foods from this list would u be in the mood to have for lunch today?

Forget about the Burger with Fries now I just want a salad, lol:)

Foods That Grow Your Baby's Hair?

Your baby's growth is influenced by genetics and what he or she eats. Babies need balanced diets full of nutrients to encourage their physical growth and mental growth, but for hair growth specific... Read More »