Foods That Are High in Carbs and Low in Fat?

Answer Since the early 1990s, eating lots of carbohydrates and low amounts of fat is the official American diet plan, according to the USDA Food Pyramid. Carbohydrates are complex or simple, and include g... Read More »

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What foods are high in carbs?…1,000 cals. at 90% fat = weight loss of 0.9 lbs. per day1,000 cals. at 90% protein = weight loss of 0.6 lbs. per day1,000 cals. at 90% carbohydrate = weig... Read More »

Foods with high carbs?

HiThat sounds quite healthy If you exercise your burning off the carbs don't worry this is a healthy meal plan the only thing I would change is the rice for a baked potato as they are a great diet ... Read More »

Foods low in sugar/carbs/fat but high in calories?

You only have three choices for calories - protein, fat, and carbs. Well, alcohol counts too, but that's not a very good choice.Of the three if you restrict carbs, have moderate protein then you ca... Read More »

What are foods that have zero carbs?

Most meat & vegetables (excluding starchy vegetables) have no carbohydrates.Also, cheese has no carbs, haha.We all need carbs sometimes, so if you are insulin-dependent, you should be able to adjus... Read More »