Foods High in Iodine to Avoid With Acne?

Answer Finding a solution to your acne breakouts is no easy task. Often, the root cause involves many things, from environment to heredity. However, in some cases, the foods you eat may actually be contri... Read More »

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What Foods to Avoid With Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin?

Though a number of factors can influence skin health, some foods can lead to an increased number of acne breakouts because of their composition. Consequently, it's important to know which pose the ... Read More »

Foods to Avoid to Control High Cholesterol?

Patients with high cholesterol usually are usually advised to consume a low-fat diet under the direction of a physician. Even those who have normal cholesterol levels may want to consume lower-fat ... Read More »

What foods should you avoid with high blood pressure.?

What kind of foods should i avoid if i have high cholesterol?

It's no secret that high cholesterol causes health risks such as heart disease. If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, major lifestyle changes are necessary in order to reduce your leve... Read More »