Foods Associated With Acne on Certain Parts of the Face?

Answer Acne is a skin disease which occurs when the pores in the skin are regularly clogged and the sebaceous glands and hair follicles become inflamed. These glands, in turn, begin to overproduce oil and... Read More »

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Does acne/spots in different parts of your face mean you are deficient in certain things?

Yup!Spots on your chin are caused by hormonal changes.Spots on your forehead are affected by diet.Spots on your cheeks, interestingly enough are affected by respiritory problems.

On a certain game show contestants spin a large wheel to determine the prize associated with correct answers?

How to Reduce Anxiety Associated With Acne Scars?

While many medical professionals agree that acne causes no real physical damage other than external scars, the mental and emotional damage of acne can leave lifelong emotional scars. If you suffer ... Read More »

Do i have to eat certain foods or just a certain amount of calories?

Protein fruit veggies if u eat junk and fat for 1600a calories u r doing more harm then good. No soda either