Food you’ll never ever eat in Italy?

Answer I wouldn't waste my time eating a peanut butter sandwich no matter what part of Italia I happened to find myself in.

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What kind of food is Italy known for?

Italy has a rich and diverse cuisine that varies greatly according to region, but the country is best known for its pasta. Northern Italy is famous for risotto and fresh pasta, while southern Italy... Read More »

What food is Italy famous for?

The foods for which Italy is famous include pasta, tomato sauces and pizza, though in Italy itself the food preferences vary by region. Though a peasant food in Italy, pizza is perhaps the most fam... Read More »

Food Festivals in Italy?

Italy is known the world over for its agricultural offerings and exquisite cuisine. The various regions of Italy possess just the right climate and soils to produce their gastronomic specialties. I... Read More »

Food Tours in Tuscany, Italy?

Tuscany, a village located in Central Italy, is recognized as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The village offers several tourists attractions and activities, including visits to museums,... Read More »