Food you don't have to chew?

Answer Put it in the blender and mix it all up. (That's what I'd tell my BF) At my practice today, someone got an elbow to the head. I hope it wasn't an annoying girl that hit you like it was for my frien... Read More »

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Foods you dont have to chew?

Mashed potatoes is probably the best one as far as flavor. Ramen is good, but break up the noodles. You don't need to blend chicken noodles soup, the noodles are soft enough to be swallowed...or ... Read More »

I have the sensation in my ears of being underwater when I chew food and swallow,should I be worried?

I had a similar problem after listening music for too long in Bangkok and taking two planes to india. My ears clogged and i partially lost my earing abilities for a few weeks.I went to a specialist... Read More »

How do birds chew food?

Birds have a complicated digestive system and use both their beaks and their stomachs to chew their food.BeakBirds often use their beaks or bills to break apart seeds, insects and other food. Many ... Read More »

How to Chew Food Properly?

Sure, we've all learned to chew at a young age, but most people don't realize the importance of properly chewing food. Chewing food thoroughly has numerous benefits, such as improving digestion and... Read More »