Food to Cook on a Coleman Cooking Stove?

Answer There's not much that you can cook on a home stove that you can't cook on a camping stove. The only real issues are how much food you want to carry outdoors, and how much fuel you'll need to cook i... Read More »

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How to Cook With a Gas Coleman Stove?

Coleman stoves are a relatively common sight at campgrounds and are as well known as the dutch oven. Cooking on a gas camp stove is a great option for campers who don't want to haul large amounts o... Read More »

How do I clean a Coleman stove?

PreparationRemove the stove from the fuel source or propane can. Set it on a solid surface such as a table or counter top. Locate and remove the screw from the center of each burner and set the gri... Read More »

Do I need a propane regulator on my coleman stove?

Yes. A propane regulator is a crucial part of any stove system. Most burners come with them; some, however do not. Usually those consist of the portable kind. Coleman Stoves, being one of the indus... Read More »

Can I use a charcoal lighter in my Coleman camp stove?

No. Coleman stoves are designed to use certain types of fuel - most often propane or unleaded gasoline. Using charcoal lighter as fuel can not only damage the stove, but cause a fire or explosion.S... Read More »