Food stuck in one wisdom tooth extraction hole?

Answer Rinse with salt water. If food does not come out in a day or so, call your dentist. You don"t want rotting food in a wound. I had the same problem and it took a few months for the holes to heal. Ju... Read More »

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Gaping hole after wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes it's perfectly normal, keep it clean by rinsing often with warm salty water (tumbler glass luke warm water 2 heaped teaspoons of salt) and the tissues will organise themselves over time. Don't ... Read More »

Is it normal to have a wisdom tooth hole remain more than two months after the extraction?

Yes. The military pulled 6 teeth at once. It took about a year for the hole to close up.AnswerAfter a dental extraction, it takes a few weeks for the gums to heal. But it takes at least three month... Read More »

Food stuck in wisdom tooth socket!?

Take an ear cleaner/cotton bud, cut the end off at an angle. this makes a great toothpick.If you cant get it out, probably don't worry, It'll come out itself.

A piece of Doritos is in my wisdom extraction hole! How can I get it out ?