Food from which country would you never ever try ever and why...?

Answer goat stomach from italy! omg how gross. I dont see how people eat that!

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What two bands would never ever ever tour together?

Food you’ll never ever eat in Italy?

I wouldn't waste my time eating a peanut butter sandwich no matter what part of Italia I happened to find myself in.

Have you ever said "I'm NEVER, EVER going to buy those for my child"?

Shoes that light up when they walk. Who on earth decided to drive the rest of us mad by making a shoe so annoying? I also hate those roller skate shoes, my niece has them and every once and awhil... Read More »

Moms have you ever said I would never and ended up doing it lol?

I said I'd never cosleep (I was worried since I am a deep sleeper), but I did it fulltime for 7 months and part time for 5 more. Sophie is now 2.5 and loves her bed, but does join us from time to ... Read More »