Food for Hair Growth & Luster?

Answer Healthy hair depends greatly upon good nutrition. The foods we eat can promote hair strength, hair shine and a healthy scalp. It can also, in some cases, prevent hair loss, though it can't "cure" b... Read More »

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How do you eat food to promote hair growth?

Many women want so desperately to grow long healthy hair that they turn to vitamins. Most health-food and vitamin shops have even come out with their own lines of hair, skin and nails vitamins that... Read More »

How to Eat Food to Promote Hair Growth?

When you are attempting to grow out your hair, you should do more beyond conditioning it and buying hair-growth products to protect it from breakage. What you put inside your body also has an effec... Read More »

What Types of Food Help Hair Growth?

Hundreds of products on the market promise extremely fast hair growth. Unfortunately, it's scientifically impossible to make hair grow faster -- you're likely to see 1/2-inch growth per month, give... Read More »

How Do I Add Luster to Dry, Thin Hair?

Dry, thin hair lacks the healthy luster most people desire. You can usually remedy it with professional hair treatments and products. Professional treatments, though, may be expensive, especially i... Read More »