Food and drink sweeteners?

Answer You are totolly fine. It's good you realize this at a young age. Just quit drinking that stuff And stick with pure water. But also notice what chemicals and preservatives are in food. Goo... Read More »

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Do you drink sweetened tea with sugar or artificial sweeteners?

hot tea with honey. Sugar is a no-no, too much sugar is bad. And since honey is naturally sweet, it's a lot better for you. I always drink hot tea, it calms me when I'm anxious.

What 1 food do u eat the most often... an yes i said food not drink...?

34 weeks pregnant and can not eat food but can only drink oval tine or chocolate drink in the morning only?

Is milk a food or a drink?

it is a liquid food - and very good for you providing you do not over indulge with the high fat types.