Food Stamps how they work..?

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Can you get food stamps if you work?

Yes, you can get food stamps if you work. In fact, most adults must either be working or enrolled in a job training program in order to be eligible for food stamps.References:Social Security Online... Read More »

How do food stamps work?

The food stamp program is a government program that seeks to aid low income families through the use of stamps. The stamps hold a denominational value and can be exchanged to purchase food.Requirem... Read More »

Age & Work Requirements for Food Stamps in New Mexico?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides assistance to low-income people and families in New Mexico. This includes the program known more commonly as food stamps, where people ... Read More »

Some people say that homepathics do not work, but if they do not work, how come they work?

I know from personal experience and it started probably 20 years ago with a young child. No pediatricians could help us. We finally tried a homeopathic doctor who waved all fees "until I find wha... Read More »