Food & Eczema?

Answer The Mayo Clinic describes eczema as a chronic skin condition that is itchy and causes inflammation. Eczema mainly affects infants and young children. Most people with eczema grow out of the conditi... Read More »

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What do you like better :mexican food , chines food, italian food or fast food?

All of it, but I'm not really a fan of fast food..........

Ok now, food buffs, hungry men, and general lovers of food, what culture has the bestest food?

These are some of the best ethnic food around in my opinion:ThaiMalayIndianCajun


I've e same problem since childhood days too. its common for ppl staying in tropical area to have eczema... I resides in SGP by the way...A few tips to reduce itch:1) use diprocel cream (gradually ... Read More »

How do you get rid of eczema?

Here are a variety of opinions from WikiAnswer users TO GET RID OF ECZEMA, even the worst dry, cracking, painful, sore, scabby, and flaky case: Temovate (generic Clobetasol) ointment, applied 2 tim... Read More »