Foil: Shiny side in or out?

Answer For tin foil hats? The shiny side always goes out.: P(((Nikon)))

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Is it shiney side down or shiney side up when covering a joint of pork with foil?

Always up - with everything!Then when you remove the joint from the oven and leave it standing to rest, tighten the foil - and use it the other way round when putting it in the fridge!

Dint in foil side of lcd?

If the dint was there when you got the replacement part, just go back and have them switch it out. That should be a normal warranty matter.

When insulating a basement with aluminum-covered insulation, which side does the foil go on?

The aluminum reflective covering on insulation reflects heat back toward the source. When insulating basement floors and walls, the foil side should face toward the room. When insulating the baseme... Read More »

In Leopard how do I make the dock shiny when it is on the side?

Have you tried cleaning it after you move it. Or maybe a bit of polish..