Focal Nodular Density?

Answer A node is a lump and a nodule is a little lump; it can be a lump of rock to a geologist, or it can be a lump somewhere in your body. A focal nodular density on an X-ray, CAT scan or mammogram is a ... Read More »

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Herbal Treatments for Nodular Acne?

Nodular acne is among the most painful types of acne vulgaris. This type of acne is both difficult to get rid of and challenging to treat. Unlike typical whiteheads, blackheads and other papules, n... Read More »

What is the difference between low density&high density heating elements?

The density of a heating element in a water heater refers to the wattage of the element in relation to the amount of its surface area. As the elements density lowers, so does the temperature at whi... Read More »

I had a bone density test done and I have a high bone density but I still break my bones very easily..why?

What is focal kyphosis?

Kyphosis is a form of spinal deformity characterized by abnormal rounding of the thoracic spinal column in the upper back. When the deformity centers on a single vertebra (spinal bone), the resulta... Read More »