Foam Roller Massage Techniques?

Answer Foam rollers help relieve pain while performing exercises, such as squats and lunges. Foam rollers cost between ten to twenty dollars. These devices must be used regularly to break up scar tissue,... Read More »

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How to Choose a Foam Roller?

Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release (SMR) that targets tense and overworked muscles. It is similar to myofascial release, a common technique in massage, otherwise known as deep-tissue... Read More »

How to Paint a Car With a Foam Roller?

The most inexpensive way to paint a car with results that rival a bargain brand paint-job is with a foam roller. This method uses rust-resistant paint and mineral spirits, and although it may not b... Read More »

How to use a Foam Roller for a strong core?

Working out with foam rollers can challenge and strengthen your core in new ways. Physical therapists and Pilates and yoga instructors use foam rollers to align the spine and release tension in the... Read More »

Different Foam Cutting Techniques?

Foam is a fun and versatile product to work with. It is light enough to suspend or support nearly any structure while strong enough, in block form, to support the weight of relatively large adults.... Read More »