(Fly For Fame) Account suspended?

Answer As far as I have learned, the servers were going down for the anti hack, supposedly a 4 hour thing, now a nearly one day long downtime.According to Snow, the website was going to be down during the... Read More »

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Suspended Account in Youtube what to do next?

I'm not exactly sure why you can't open another account because i know some others who got suspended but they were able to open another account but here my suggestions 4 opening another account- us... Read More »

Twitter account suspended....?

Search in options, i think that it is possible.

My YouTube account got suspended for no reason!!!! Is there anything I can do?

I'm afraid not. You could try and email them but there's a very good chance you're not going to be satisfied with their response. Even then, they might not respond at all. You know, I was thinking ... Read More »

How do you get your contacts back when your account has been suspended?

I go to the section I use most, in my case R&S, and clickon the "Most Popular" link. That usually has about half a dozen of my favorite contacts. Then I use their contact lists to find everyone els... Read More »