Fluid build up after a fall in infants?

Answer Yes I've taken to Doctors but have been assured that there is nothing there.Have you taken it to the doctor yet? It sounds like an ear infection.

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Day fall after one day night fall.. What to do soo scared about immidatly?

you did not give us enough information. if you fall down a lot, talk to your doctor. hope you are alright.

Can infants have an over or under normal fluid level in their developing legs?

Aids. That's your answer!! You need to read up on your history you silly person!!!!!!

Why do infants cry soon after birth?

There are many reasons, and in fact they don't all cry. Historically, babies were slapped firmly on the butt to make them cry to clear the amniotic fluid out of their lungs and get them breathing. ... Read More »

My tattoo is leaking a lot of fluid after shrink wrapping two days after I got it done ?

Did you leave the wrap on for 2 days??Or just put it on for a time two days after getting it??I put paper towel on my tatts and cover that with cling wrap to protect my bedding overnight because th... Read More »