Flowers That are Grown in Miami?

Answer Miami in the most southern region of the Sunshine State has a tropical climate conducive to cultivating flowers indigenous to rainforests, Pacific islands and desert regions. A mild and temperate w... Read More »

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Flowers That Are Grown to Make French Perfume?

France is a world leader in perfume manufacturing, thanks to a combination of centuries of experience and an ideal climate for growing the many fragrant varieties of flowers used in their signature... Read More »

How to Get Started in the Production of Field Grown Cut Flowers?

When planning the production of field-grown cut flowers, you must be a good farmer as well as a savvy business person. You will be competing with wholesale flower growers that have the best biologi... Read More »

Can herbs, vegetables&flowers be grown in the same garden?

Herbs, vegetables and flowers can easily be grown in the same container as long as you plant varieties with similar water and sunlight requirements. This combination can be very attractive and will... Read More »

When collards are full grown and yellow flowers appear at top what do you do Do you cut them down and let them continue to grow or pull them up?

This is the seed stalk and should not be allowed to grow unless you intend to save the seed.