Flowers That Smell Like Vanilla?

Answer Most flowers that smell of vanilla are floral varieties from the orchid family. Many of the orchids and other flowers that emit a vanilla fragrance and are sold in the U.S. today are natives of Mex... Read More »

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What Perfumes Smell Like Vanilla?

Do you want to find a new fragrance that smells like vanilla? Vanilla is a popular scent for many different perfumes, but some vanilla-scented fragrances stand out against others. Here are some of ... Read More »

What to fragrant camellia flowers smell like?

It's light, slightly sharp, and sort of fruity. Think of honeysuckle that's far less strong and sweet.

Flowers That Smell Nice?

Fragrant flowers can be sweet smelling, spicy scented or even gag-inducing. Most gardeners want to nice-smelling flowers in their landscape or in a hanging basket on their porch. Whenever you are p... Read More »

Beautiful Flowers That Smell Bad?

Flowers are the reproductive organs of a plant. They are brightly colored and often fragrant to attract potential pollinators like insects and birds. Some plants have adapted a less-than-pleasant f... Read More »