Flowers That Mean Sorry?

Answer Flowers are viewed throughout the world as a means of expressing emotion from the bearer to the recipient. Flowers are frequently used to express feelings of sorrow, as well as to convey a sense o... Read More »

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Flowers That Mean I Miss You?

When you are missing someone, such as a significant other, what better way is there to show her that that she is being thought of than by sending a bouquet of vibrant, pretty flowers? Flowers can c... Read More »

Flowers That Mean Faith?

Flowers have meaning, and you can telegraph to someone what you're thinking just by handing them a specific flower. If you want to tell someone you have faith in them, or that they should keep fait... Read More »

Flowers That Mean Love & Memory?

Flowers that represent love and memory may help you convey a specific meaning to someone special. Flowers have their own unique language, which was popularized during the Victorian era -- from 1837... Read More »

Sorry to be a sad bint but what does lol mean afta messages!!?

I was also not aware of such short words when i was new to chat, you can refer to list of short forms used on the chat commonly @…@};- A beautiful rose for... Read More »