Flowers That Deter Deer?

Answer If you wish to deter deer from munching on your garden, you should consider flowers that are deer resistant. Plants are only considered deer resistant (not deer proof), because some plants will det... Read More »

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Flowers That Repel Deer?

Deer only eat plants, and they see your garden as a buffet prepared especially for them. However, there are plants that deer rarely, if ever, eat. Fill your garden with these plants to reduce the a... Read More »

Perennial Flowers That Repel Deer?

Although no plant is completely deer-proof, using plants that are on the bottom of their preference list can help to create a landscape that will resist damage from deer. A plant's resistance to de... Read More »

Types of Flowers That Deer Won't Eat?

A flower garden beautified by a contrasting array of floral colors and textures does not have to be sacrificed when establishing a deer-resistant garden. While any flower can be damaged by a deer--... Read More »

What plants naturally deter deer?

Some plants that deer tend to avoid and don't eat would include: Catmint or Catnip, Chives, Lavender, Mind, Sages, Thyme, and Salvias. My favorite is be far the Salvias. Many are easy to grow, beco... Read More »