Flowers That Deter Deer?

Answer If you wish to deter deer from munching on your garden, you should consider flowers that are deer resistant. Plants are only considered deer resistant (not deer proof), because some plants will det... Read More »

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What plants naturally deter deer?

Some plants that deer tend to avoid and don't eat would include: Catmint or Catnip, Chives, Lavender, Mind, Sages, Thyme, and Salvias. My favorite is be far the Salvias. Many are easy to grow, beco... Read More »

Will an electric fence deter deer from a garden?

An electric fence will deter deer from entering a garden. The most effective electric fence is one with wires 10, 20, and 30 inches from the ground. That prevents deer from going under the fence.So... Read More »

How to Deter Chipmunks From Eating Flowers?

Chipmunks are cute and generally harmless animals. However, in their quest for food they can damage flowers and flower bulbs. There are several methods garden owners can use to protect their plants... Read More »

How do i keep deer away from flowers?

FencingPut up a wire fence around the flowers. For a small garden, a 4-foot high fence will be sufficient. For larger gardens, a wire fence angled away from the yard works best. Deer will usually j... Read More »