Flowers That Are Toxic to Cattle?

Answer There are a variety of flowers in and along pastures and meadows that are poisonous to cattle. The symptoms of poisoning vary by the flowering plant, and range from minor irritations to severe disc... Read More »

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Is motor oil toxic to cattle?

Yes. Motor oil contains lead. Just a small amount of lead can cause fatal lead poisoning, or plumbism, in cattle. Cattle can ingest motor oil from soil on which it has been spilled or from discarde... Read More »

Flowers That Are Poisonous to Cattle?

Cattle poisoning from flowers and other plants can cause severe health problems. In some cases, poisoning can result in death and losses to livestock yield for farmers. According to the Ontario Min... Read More »

Non-Toxic Flowers for Cats?

Plants can be very toxic to cats and cause reactions ranging from foaming at the mouth to vomiting and coma. Any plant that resembles grass will likely be considered food to a cat. You can spray pl... Read More »

What flowers can I plant that aren't toxic?

Please Do NOT GROW MORNING GLORY as someone has suggested. They are toxic to rabbits and although not deadly can cause illness. ( and a gener... Read More »