Flowerless Seed Plants?

Answer Seed plants fall within two general categories made up of flowering and non-flowering plants. Flowerless seed plants, also known as gymnosperms, appear in tree form as conifers, and in plant form a... Read More »

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Can hybrid plants that dont produce seed still pollinate other plants?

yes. in most (highly) hybridized plants seeds are produced but are either infertile or the genetics of the plant prohibit successful fertilization and the production of seed.this is very common occ... Read More »

My tulips are flowerless. Is there a way to revive them?

Tulips are notorious for not lasting year to year. 1st year you get a flower, then 2nd year a flower then only leaves. What you do is plant bulbs in fall. Tulip flowers only last 1 to 2 weeks... Read More »

Seed Bearing Plants?

Seed bearing plants make up the majority of species within the plant kingdom with as many as 274,000 varieties, according to Kimball's Biology Pages. These plants represent the latest developments ... Read More »

Seed Scattering Plants?

In order for a plant species to be successful, it needs to disperse its seeds away from the parent plant so that offspring do not compete with the parent and the species can colonize a new area. Pl... Read More »