Flowering Trees & the Magnolia?

Answer Magnolias, a genus consisting of about 225 species, fall under the botanical classification of angiosperms, meaning they bear flowers. Native to Asia and North and South America, they have spread t... Read More »

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Autumn-Flowering Magnolia?

Although magnolia trees are a common sight in the South, these trees can grow in much of the United States, depending on the cultivar. Most magnolia species blossom in the early spring, filling the... Read More »

Where do magnolia trees grow?

Magnolia trees grow in the eastern United States and in southeastern Asia. Many species of magnolias have big and showy flowers. Southern magnolia trees can get up to 80 feet tall.Source:The United... Read More »

When do magnolia trees bloom?

Magnolia trees being blooming around late May or early June. They will continue to bloom off and on throughout the summer. It takes about 10 years for a magnolia tree started from seed to begin blo... Read More »

Evergreen Magnolia Trees?

Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) is an evergreen North American native tree notable for its large creamy flowers. The flowers are very fragrant and cultivars have been planted as ornamental... Read More »