Flowering Plants That Do Well in the Shade Planted With Irises?

Answer Irises, which grow from rhizomes, or underground stems, are perennial plants. The large, showy flowers come in many colors, including, purple, blue, white, yellow, orange, red, black, pink and lave... Read More »

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Flowering Plants that Need Mostly Shade?

Planting a flower garden in the shade doesn't have to be frustrating, as many flowering plants will grow in low light or shade. Some flowering plants thrive in shade, including perennials, annuals ... Read More »

Flowering Shade Plants in Texas?

Shade is a valued commodity in sweltering Texas summers. Many gardeners prefer to plant flowerbeds and gardens under shade trees, so that tending to them is more pleasant during the 100-plus degree... Read More »

Shade-Tolerant Flowering Plants?

Flowering shade plants are a great addition to a garden plot under trees or by tall items such as a fence or house. Shade plants can have rich texture and vibrant colors even though they are shield... Read More »

Best flowering plants in shade gardens during hot summer?