Flowering Plants & Bugs?

Answer There is a very intricate relationship between bugs and flowers. Bugs rely on flowers to provide a source of natural nectar, to provide hiding places and to attract the various insects they dine on... Read More »

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How do I keep bugs from eating the leaves of flowering plants?

Be careful when using dish soap..alot fail to mention that any ultra or concentrated soap can literaly fry your plants..if you must use soap use a mild non concentrated one such as the old time mil... Read More »

What is the name for non-flowering plants?

Non-flowering plants are simply referred to as non-flowering plants. Plants such as conifers, ferns and mosses are considered to be non-flowering plants. These plants do not flower because they pro... Read More »

What is the name for marine flowering plants?

Marine angiosperm, or flowering plants that live in a salty environment, are known as seagrass. They pollinate, seed, and grow roots and rhizomes like other flowering plants. Seagrass is vital to t... Read More »

Flowering Palm Plants?

Palm plants are iconic plants that instantly conjure up pictures of tropical islands and pristine beaches. Palm plants may be grown outdoors in warm climates, or indoors as exotic and vibrant potte... Read More »