Flowering Cherry Varieties?

Answer Flowering cherry trees typically bloom each spring and yet there are even a few ornamentals that produce showy blossoms in the fall. Ornamental cherry trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes: f... Read More »

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How to Buy a Flowering Cherry Tree?

Flowering cherry trees are excellent additions to a landscape. During the blooming season, flowering cherry trees are vibrant and showy, making them prized by gardeners and arborists. The cherry bl... Read More »

Can You Prune a Schubert Flowering Cherry?

Flowering cherry (Prunus virginiana) Schubert is a 20- to 30-foot tall chokecherry cultivar. Its green spring foliage matures to deep summer purple and bright autumn red. Clusters of white spring f... Read More »

Diseases of a Flowering Cherry Tree?

If you own a flowering cherry tree in North America, you are not alone. These trees are prized for their white, to pink, to bright-pink flower blooms that they have. But, these trees are susceptibl... Read More »

How do i grow flowering cherry trees?

Planting Time and ZonePlant flowering cherry trees in well-drained, fertile soil. The P. subhirtella cherry tree grows well in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 to 8, and some varieties, such as P. camp... Read More »