Floss or waterpik......?

Answer Waterpik does remove food particles, but don't be disillusioned. It doesn't remove plaque, which is what causes cavities.Waterpiks are great supplements to flossing with braces, but never understat... Read More »

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Can i floss my teeth when having braces with a regular floss brush?

You can use regular floss but will need a flies threader to get under your braces. Your dentist will show you how. It is very important!

What is the best dental floss Is it possible to over floss?

Ok, this one is a bit easier. I don't think you can really over floss your teeth, in fact in my opinion it is best you do that as many times that you do. Wish I was that disciplined

Floss before brushing or floss after brushing and why?

People do either way. You should ask your dentist. I floss first then brush.

What is a Waterpik?

Waterpik is the name of a company that sells shower heads and oral health care products. The word "Waterpik" often refers to the dental water jet products the company makes. A dental water jet shoo... Read More »